For anyone attending Merritt Speedway Invitational……Everyone please remember to bring your proof of membership and a paper copy of your class rules with you….There will be documents available shortly that you can pre-register with or at the least print and complete prior to hitting the pit gate to pay pit fees. Your cooperation will greatly help speed up the registration process. Pit fees are $50 car and driver each day / pit crew members $20 each per day. A portion of these fees goes into the prize pots! Cant wait to see everyone bright and early Saturday morning!!!!! Everyone needs to be registered and in the pits by 11 am. DRIVE SAFE and save your racing for the track!
For more info contact Dale at 250-682-4872 or on Facebook through private message! Please direct ALL tech questions to Dennis Smith at 250-299-9820

A Very Special Thank You To…

All of our fans, sponsors, racers, pit crews and volunteers/supporters who have given time, money, and/or equipment to make it possible for all of us to enjoy the Merritt Speedway during the 2019 race season!

Everyone’s support is very much appreciated!