OCTOBER 6th and 7th 2018


Time in: 12:00pm and Racing: 1:00pm 


2 Days of action packed racing in 4 divisions:

4cyl Bomber, 6&8 cyl Bombers, Street Class and Hobby Division.


Over $7000.00 in prize monies to be given out between the classes!!!!

Free camping at the track, sorry no running water or electricity.

If your running legal in your home track class your legal here! Just bring a printed copy of your car rules with you, and we will fit you in where you are best suited! Please be sure to be in the pits with your cars and rules by 10 am Saturday morning for tech!!! You are encouraged to come on Friday and camp and early tech can happen then.

You can find a set of our rules HERE if you are looking to see where your car would fit in! check us out, can’t beat the dirt!

Entry fee is $50.00 per car/driver per day and pit crew is $25.00 each per day. monies collected go into prize payout pot! The more who come the bigger the pot!


For more info contact:

President, Dale at 250-682-4872 or

Head of Tech, Dennis at 250-299-9820


Click Here for Schedule Information       

A Very Special Thank You To…

Everyone above has donated time, money, and/or equipment to make it possible for all of us to enjoy Merritt speedway. 

Their support is very much appreciated